Thursday, April 15, 2010

Have You Heard About Wyoming?

Three days in Wyoming and my head was like a racquetball chamber, brain all bruised from the solid volleys of what-ifs and why-nots running amok indoors. On the airplane back to Philly Have You Heard About The Morgans came on. I put on the headphones to avoid the too-smiley dude sitting next to me and turns out the movie is about an uber-NY couple who gets sent to Wyoming by the witness protection program. Prof. at U of Wyoming says, "I like the idea of advertising UW as the MFA program most like witness protection. That works for me." The clear, pink sky was somehow full of turbulence inducing clouds and I just kept laughing to myself. I'm going to be like Sarah Jessica Parker, going for jogs in Wyoming with bear spray in hand. Back home, my dog had a seizure, my Dad shat all over my MFA dreams (they're pretty silly, I admit), and my camera finally arrived. Tomorrow, thunderstorms and margaritas with the Wild Ones.


Estella said...

wyoming? is that a state? near wisconsin?

irina said...

i think so. i mean, they both start with W, no?