Sunday, October 11, 2009


Oh yes, I like books! Last weekend I carried around boxes full of them to and from the P.S.1 hosted Art Book Fair and shelved an enviable collection of photo books while trying my hardest not to let my desirous spittle reach their crisp covers. Though I didn't spend too much time looking around the fair, controlling my shopping impulses by not acknowledging the presence of thing I may want, a brief perusal led to the following conclusion: there's so much crap out there, people! It's not to say that there aren't quality art books being put out by large and small and very, very small publishers alike, but with the democratization of access to publishing comes the inevitable flood of things that really didn't need to appear in book form. It's a sacred form, after all.

The fair, of course, has me springing into action. On the one hand, the good stuff makes me want to make good stuff, and on the other, the bad stuff makes me shed all self-consciousness and leap to action self-assuredly, confident that if it turns out bad it will be in the company of other bad stuff that people still consume. It's something, right?

It will be ready by Jan. 1st. Promise. I'm planning to perfect bind it in my parents' garage.

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