Thursday, August 13, 2009


Since moving to the biiiig city, we've tried to keep to a strict budget as we look for work. This has led to extensive bike riding, keeping to our sturdy two-wheelers through thick and thin. We rode down to Rockaway Beach on shitty Flatbush Ave., which to my bare-bones beauty was the equivalent of off-roading, and up and down Brooklyn and the elusive bridges and along the West side and under the East side bridges. I think the map is starting to finally materialize in my head and make sense as a cohesive entity, rather than splotches scattered around NY without order or context.

We've also been eating on a budget - "just like in the military," our roommate commented. And that's really where I was going with this post. I've become more interested in food photography recently and at the same time I feel like I have less disposable income to spend on fancy eats and the accessories to make them look good. So I'm starting a series of food photos - food photos on a budget, that is.

Here's breakfast:

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